iConnect Control System


Sophisticated Residential Gateway
The stylish iConnect control system acts as the pivotal point of a home network of security, safety, connectivity and control peripherals which send signals and alerts to the control system. Utilizing its built-in communications platform, the control system also acts as gateway to an external network comprising of remote end-users, monitoring stations, providers and installers. This allows installers to configure the system remotely, providers to conduct streamlined mass remote management, monitoring stations to get real-time system information and end-users to be always connected and up-to–date.

The iConnect control system is also available in LED version.



Main Features




Arming options

Full, perimeter, part or partitions


Distress keys

Panic, fire, medical


Number of user codes

32 four-digit codes


Maximum number of zones



Wireless zones



Wired zones

2 on-board + 8-16 D. E.O.L.R with up to 2 zone expanders


Wireless keyfobs

Up to 19 multifunction keyfobs


Wireless keypads

Up to 4 two-way keypads



Up to 4 two-way repeaters


Number of accounts

Up to 6 accounts for central station event reporting or vocal message
event reporting to the end user.


Reporting protocols

Contact ID, SIA, SIA IP, SMS SIA, SMS Contact ID


End user notifications

SMS messages, e-mails, voice messages, follow-me numbers


Event log

1022 on the control panel, over 2000 logged on the ELAS


Voice messages

22 recorded event messages; Home ID


Speed dial numbers

1 service call


Web user application

Video verification, remote system activation and control, system settings,
Event notification settings and PGM control


Mobile applications

WAP, smartphone (iPhone, Android, Blackberry etc.) applications for
video verification, remote system activation, system settings, event
notification settings and home automation control



End User Features


Video verification and event notification


SMS options

 Remote system activation and control, event
notification and PGM control


DTMF options

Remote system activation and PGM control


Video verification

Smartphone and web applications


Audio verification

Voice message event notification, two-way audio, follow-me, listen-in



Professional Options

Firmware upgrade

Local firmware upgrades via a standard USB cable


Remote firmware upgrade

Upgrade firmware via IP or GPRS


Remote programming




Wired Accessories

Wired zone expander

Inputs: 8 wired zones, AC, backup battery, tamper, Bus.
Outputs: 2 aux. power, 2 programmable outputs





Event notification, two-way audio , remote programming, listen-in, DTMF



Event notifications, SMS remote activations, two-way audio , remote
programming, listen-in, DTMF control


Ethernet (IP Module)

Remote firmware upgrades, e-mails, event notifications (Including SMS via
the ELAS), remote programming



Remote firmware upgrade, e-mail, event notifications (Including SMS via
the ELAS), remote programming



Hardware Features

Auxiliary power

1 output; 100 mA max.
2 additional outputs with zone expander; 400mA max.


Programmable outputs

2 Solid state (100mA max. load); Additional 2 with zone expander; solid
state relay/open collector (500mA max.)


Built-in siren



Power supply

Internal or external 9VAC output, 230v/115v input


Operating temperature

0-60°C /32-140°F


Backup battery pack

7.2V/1.8Ah with option for additional external battery


Communication modules